Not Your Run-Of-The Mill Custom Promotional Products

When shopping for promotional products for commercial and residential prospects, marketers tire of page after page of pens, key chains, and stress balls. A competitive marketplace requires a business to set itself apart from the competition and promotional efforts should follow this approach. When looking for custom promotional products, marketers should consider their industries and think creatively. The result will be promos that distinguish the business and lead to increased sales.

Custom Promotional Products That Promote a Lifestyle

Creating a persona of the target audience can help a business determine which type of lifestyle it promotes. Identifying the traits, habits, and hobbies of these individuals brings certain products to mind. For example, companies that cater to executives should consider promos such as golf shoe and accessory bags, trunk organizers to keep items neat inside high-priced vehicles, and computer accessories designed for busy corporate leaders.

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The Importance of Carrier Bags in Promoting Your Brand

For many years the carrier bag has been used to promote shops – look to your local supermarket for the most obvious example. Those carrying their shopping home are advertising that particular store without being aware of it and the name of the shop is continually being brought to the attention of other (potential!) shoppers. Almost every high street store will have carrier bags with their names and logos printed on them – it is a relatively inexpensive way of promoting a shop – so why not try this for other businesses too?

Companies up and down the country are always looking for ways to get their name out there without bringing the marketing budget to its knees. Promotional items such as pens, pencils and fridge magnets are a great idea but tend to draw the focus of the person that they are given to and may not necessarily be noticed by others, so there needs to be something extra. It has to be something that people can carry around with them and that can be easily spotted by others. Enter the carrier bag.

Some companies may bypass the idea of a carrier bag if they are not selling an item that needs to be carried away, but there are other instances where the carrier bag can come in useful. Hundreds of businesses attend promotional events every year in the form of exhibitions and trade shows. You only have to attend these events to see just how many companies have recognised the potential of the carrier bag. Handing out promotional literature is a big part of these events and having printed carrier bags with your personalised design on them is a great way of not only making it easy for interested parties to carry it away, but to let everyone else in the exhibition hall know that you are there. It can bring people looking for you and soon you will see many delegates walking around armed with your promotional material.

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Try Useful Promotional Junior Padfolios for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Try handy promotional Junior Padfolios for your next marketing campaign and you will offer something useful and different. These appeal to the organizational desires of most of us and are the reason many people use them. Gifting with these items allows you to show off the quality of your taste and your business.

These smaller versions hold 5 X 7 inch writing pads. This size is perfect for jotting down a short bit of information that you want to keep handy. The covers hide the pad and display your business logo, so you get two functions in one item. Technology has gone a long way toward a paperless society, but there are people who still prefer writing notes on paper.

It is nice to give and receive an attractive little organizer like these. A professional feel goes along with having a bit more than a simple ink pen and pad in hand. Being able to close it up and store it nicely adds a special flair to writing. The useful nature makes this gift seem more valuable and costly than it really is.

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The Four Most Common Misconceptions And Limiting Beliefs About What Is Branding

So let’s discuss it further, what is branding and what is a brand? Let’s clear up all these myths and misconceptions in more details. Here is what I commonly hear.

Your brand is your business logo design.

I know that’s what a lot of people think and many graphic designers will even claim that they do branding but what they actually mean is they provide logo services. But the fact is, saying your brand is you logo is like taking the Empire State Building and calling it New York. Logo is a visual symbol of your brand but it’s not your entire brand. Having a nice looking logo doesn’t mean you have a well developed brand.

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What’s in a Brand? A Summary of Brand Identity’s Importance on Businesses in All Industries

A company or individual’s brand is it’s ability to distinguish itself from it’s similar counterparts in any given market place. Brands exist in several medium’s such as name, slogan, or design.

According to Marty Neumeier’s 2004 book, The Dictionary of Brand, Brand Identity “is not what you (the organization) says it is, it’s what the general public says it is.” This is why it is essential to develop a brand and carve out an image for yourself or your company.

Many businesses at the moment, and in years gone, struggle to establish a clear brand identity. Let’s face it, in today’s economy, the consumer buying pattern indicates that purchasers are spending their hard earned dollars with companies that are referred from friends, deliver above par customer service, and that they feel they can trust. A brand is one of the most valuable assets a business has, and yet business owners tend to ignore or avoid establishing a brand.

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