Is the Package the Product?

Run a couple package design web searches and you’ll see this phrase repeatedly: “Packaging is just as important as the product.” It’s almost common sense, really. Some even go as far as saying, “The package is the product.” That may be bold, but nonetheless, packaging plays a tremendous role in selling your product-it’s the last chance (or maybe even the first chance) to advertise just before consumers make a purchase and studies have shown that most people make brand choices at the point of purchase. Spend the time researching packaging while thinking carefully about your audience and the stores you’ll be featured in and brand your product accordingly. Bring a designer into the picture early on and he/ she will help the package design solutions develop from the information and ideas that have gathered.

Branding is important. Companies brand themselves to configure their ideals, benefits, identity and develop their ad strategies from this characterization. Branding helps keep their image consistent, ensuring that their message won’t stray away. Products need to do the same. What are your product’s advantages? How is it different from the competition? What is its personality? You have to do more than inform customers. You must provoke emotions by branding your product with logos, advertising, press releases, etc., and, of course, the packaging. The following are basic steps that all designers must follow for successful packaging.

Research: You’ve researched plenty during the development of your product and you’ll continue to do so throughout the duration of its life. Assuming you’ve already studied the market and potential audience, you should now begin learning about packaging. Your designer is also an avid researcher, but it never hurts to figure out what attracts you and to bounce ideas off of each other. Go to different stores and look at packages. Focus within your product family and the stores you’d be featured in, but also look beyond. You never know where you may discover something useful. Search the Internet with Google web and image searches. Look through publications for packaging info and examples-magazines, books, online-both packaging sources and your product category’s industry publications. Find a handful of inspiring ideas and trends.

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How To Brand Your Business Using Innovative Marketing Approaches

We know that good relationships and providing unique products and services are essential elements in having a successful business. Further, it makes sense that showing appreciation of your relationships in all of your branding efforts can accelerate growth to your business.

Here are the activities we consider as essential in marketing ourselves and highly recommend these activities to you: 1) Define your business niche, uniqueness and value, 2) Consistently exceed expectations and include this fact in your marketing materials and testimonials, and, 3) Show appreciation in your marketing and branding efforts to both your personal and business relationships.

Using “Appreciation Marketing” is a personal marketing approach that you tailor to every business and individual. This can be done in many ways so long as you consistently and sincerely show appreciation for something specific someone has done for you or your business. We generally like to keep it direct and simple using “thank you for the referral”, “thank you for your support”, and so on. The results of this direct way of showing appreciation has dramatically improved our business. These results confirm that people do business with people they know, need, trust and like.

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How to Get Noticed In A Competitive Marketplace

A unique selling proposition or USP is critical to your success in business. Without it you and your business will always be fighting an uphill battle. But with so much competition and so little time to get creative how can you get your foot in the game and stand out from the competition? This article outlines the basic steps to follow when creating your unique selling proposition.

Developing a unique selling proposition is critical to your success in business. While good branding builds consumer confidence, only a clear and concise offer that stands out in the marketplace can put you and your business into profit. The bottom line really is the bottom line and unless you can connect with consumers in a way that speaks directly to them you may as well pack up now and head home. So are you ready to learn how to create a unique offer that stands out from the crowd?

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Do You Have A Mission Statement For Your Business?

Now that you have your compelling story, the next step in your brand development is to craft your mission statement. But where do you begin? Think about what do you feel passionate about? If you thought about this before, the answer to this question will be no brainer. However, if you never thought about it, you may get puzzled and even frustrated. Some fears may even come up — What if I don’t have any passions? Don’t worry, you do. You just haven’t thought about it yet.

Think about all the good things in life you look forward to waking up for every day. If you could have more of those things, what would they be? Think about all the things in your every day life that upset you the most. If there was one thing on the planet that you had the power to change, or at least contribute to changing, what would it be? And I am not talking about annoying little things like other drivers on the freeway or long lines in the grocery store. I am talking about something significant, on a global scale, such as ending hunger or bringing education to everyone or saving the planet and natural resources.

Your mission, as you can see, is much bigger than what you do in your business. In fact, many times you can change your career or direction in your business and still be able to live and fulfill your mission. For example, if your mission is to save the planet, you can become a biologist or you can choose to sell environmentally safe and healthy organic products. Or you can become an advocate regardless of where you work.

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How Do You Create a Personal Style and Branding Strategy?

I get asked this question a lot. Where do you begin with a Personal Style Management and Brand Strategy? At the beginning of course, with a plan. Any good idea that is formed anywhere is written down and then worked on to create magic out of it, then action is taken to make the idea come to life, right?

It’s no different with your Personal Brand either. And yes, your Personal Style does have a lot to do with it.

In my last post I talked a little bit about what a Personal Brand is and its important for you to know that you need to be in control of your brand, otherwise others’ will take care of it for you. What do I mean by that? Your brand is what others are saying when you are not in the room. So, be mindful of the impressions you leave behind.

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