What Is Branding? What Does Your Brand Say About You As a Company?

Why should I care about branding?

People often think of a brand as just a logo but it’s so much more than this. Branding relates to everything you do and say as a company. Your brand tells the story of who you are. But most importantly, your brand reflects how a person feels about you. This feeling is made up of thousands of interactions which all get stored away in a person’s mind.

Each of us has subconscious ‘dossiers’ stored in our brains on thousands of companies. Every time they see your logo, website, signage, brochure etc, this gets put into their ‘folder’ on you. But also every time they speak to you on the phone, meet with you, receive an email, use your product or service, this also gets added to this subconscious dossier on your brand.

So when thinking about your brand, don’t just think of the visual representation of it, you need to think about how your whole company presents itself to the outside world. From how you answer the phone, to how your website is designed, this all adds up to how a person feels about you, ie., your brand.

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Why You Need an Ideal Client Profile

I know many of us out there have gone back and forth on building an ideal client profile. This is crucial to the success of your business. When I first started my business, I did not have a profile of my ideal client and therefore had no clue as to how to market. Once I sat down and really thought about it and pictured my ideal client, I knew exactly what I needed to do to them. So here is how to develop your ideal client profile.

The three essential components to the profile are:

• Who: This is the demographic profile of them. These are descriptive characteristics such as age, sex, location, income bracket, occupation, etc.

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How Do You Develop Your Brand?

I will start by saying, I am a professional brand designer and I personally wasn’t alone working on my own brand. I had a coach to help me work on my mission and passion, a branding consultant who helped me create my marketing message, a coach who helped me narrow down my niche and I also attended several workshops that teach you the steps of brand development. The logo I designed myself, but I’ve been a graphic designer for 10 years, so I am qualified. My point is, if you want your brand to be effective, you cannot do it all alone. Just like even the best hair dresser cannot give herself (or himself) a good haircut. Why? Because there are just some gifts and gems that we possess that we simply don’t see in ourselves.

I recently attended a presentation given by a marketing expert on branding and she put it quite nicely: “You cannot see the picture if you look at it from the inside of the frame”. And it is true. We are all completely blind to our own gifts and talents and we wouldn’t even know they existed until someone at some point told us about them. I think that’s why compliments never get old and we are never tired of hearing them (they have to be sincere, of course) because each time we hear them, we either learn something brand new about ourselves or get reminded of something we forgotten.

And that is true, as much as we can be fully aware of how we want to help other people, what results we want to help them accomplish and what problems or challenges we would like to work on with them, until they give us their honest feedback, we simply cannot know what we have truly done for them. When we create our marketing message, it may be clear to us because we go over and over it in our heads several times. However, it is rarely clear to others because they only hear it for the first time and their attention span is only long enough to hear a fraction of it.

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Your Personal Brand Identity – Writing and Publishing Your Own Book

The quickest, easiest way to establish your own personal brand identity is by writing a book and having it published! Becoming an author isn’t just for fiction writers of sci-fi or romance. You too, can write your own book, a non-fiction book, in order to propel your career or expand your business, and hence establish your personal brand identity quickly.

You too, can stand out in your career or your business, when part of your branding strategy is writing and publishing your own book. This personal brand identity strategy isn’t just for the gurus or the motivational speakers. This strategy could well be the most useful personal brand strategy for propelling you into the stream of opportunities that are ready to come your way.

Writing your own book can establish your personal brand identity rapidly.

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How to Make Promotional Giveaways Worth It

Free gifts and promotions are reliable marketing tactics that attract attention from potential clients. A useful branded item can breed familiarity with your clients and keep your business top of mind. However, hasty or inappropriate product promotions can result in a waste of money and boxes of unused items in your office storage area. Here’s how to make sure your promo item is worth the investment.

Think about where your giveaway will take place.

The item you offer must make sense to your audience so it isn’t immediately trashed. Ice cream at a ski event or candy at a health fair might seem out of place. However, bottled water or sunscreen at a 5K run or cycling event are appropriate and useful, which will reinforce to your potential clients that your business understands their needs.

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