3 Factors That Every Graphic Designer Should Use to Price a Logo

The price of a logo should be based on three main criteria:

1. Experience/talent of the logo designer:

This is THE most important factor directly related to the cost of a logo. The old saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more true in the design world. The talent and experience of the logo designer ultimately is the key ingredient to a successful logo design for a business that will last the life of the company.

2. Size and budget of the company using the logo:

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The Power of Co-Branding

Businesses can use co-branding as a leveraging strategy over their competition. Kevin Keller, author of Strategic Branding Management, maintains that brand equity is fundamentally determined by the brand knowledge created in consumers’ minds by the supporting marketing program.

Here’s an example of this approach. Seeing our last child graduate from high school and progress to college, my wife and I are able to drive something other than a minivan. Currently, I drive an Infiniti I30t to work on my commute. Although it has over 100,000 miles, the vehicle runs like a luxury sports car. Infiniti is a luxury division of the Japanese automaker Nissan. Nissan’s marketing strategy is to provide premium status to its vehicles with luxury content and high performance. What is interesting is this Infiniti brand is not promoted within Japan. Given this reality, brand equity is critical.

Nissan is building from this premise. In fact, its business strategy is to target the luxury segment in the United States that would not fit with Nissan’s mainstream brand. In fact, the Japanese government imposed voluntary export restraints for the United States markets so that it is more profitable to export cars abroad. Therefore, Nissan is building its sub branding through the premium Infiniti brand.

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Do You Need To Rethink Your Competitive Edge?

In recent years a better understanding of how the mind, and in particular the memory, works has enabled marketing science to evolve considerably, particularly in understanding why people choose one brand over another or one business over another.

For the last several decades business management thinking, business texts and many academics have centered on developing a sustainable competitive advantage, a point of difference from the competition for your business that is sustainable.

Although this strategy has been pivotal to success for many businesses in the past, with the ever increasing rate of change businesses face in the present business climate, and the ever increasing number of businesses (and therefore brands) the question must be asked “is this still the case today?”

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Benefits Of Professional Social Marketing Solutions

The internet is a wonderful platform for businesses looking to expand. You can use the internet in many ways to enhance your reach beyond your geographical boundaries. One of the best ways through which your business can experience the benefits of online platforms is by social media marketing. This strategy involves the use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to enhance your brand’s reach in the market.

Some of the benefits of using social marketing solutions that are professional in nature include:

• It enhances the visibility of your brand

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Tips for Vehicle Graphics and Advertising

Vehicle graphics are a great way to get your business message to a huge audience, in a fast and cost-effective way.

It’s not like vehicle graphics are new. In fact, vehicle ads have been around almost as long as cars themselves. There are reasons businesses have been using vehicle graphics for so long. First of all, it’s money well-spent. Vehicle graphics are less expensive that other types of advertising and they reach a wide-ranging audience. People notice vehicle graphics, even if it’s subtle. Outdoor Advertising Magazine conducting a poll in which 99% of those surveyed said that mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising (billboards).

If you are considering vehicle advertising for your business, here are some tips and advertising options:

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