Targeted Marketing Using a Mailing List Broker

I contacted a mailing list broker to get a list of leads for my upstart company. I wanted to get the word out fast and to everyone I could within the advertising budget I had to get started. We needed to be frugal. We were only able to raise about 85 percent of the startup money we needed. Every area of getting started had to have a few corners trimmed back. Marketing was no exception. We had planned for a TV spot on our local channels. The costs were very high compared to other things we needed. Marketing on TV costs rivaled the lease and remodeling of the storefront where we opened up.

The mailing list broker provided a quality list of targeted consumers who have shown interest in the past for the products we are offering in our new store.

Thinking About How to Do Internet Marketing

So today I have started to look around and do some research on a subject I had not been on top of until now. I was Thinking about how to do Internet Marketing and what you need to do to promote the web page. Obvious enough that like most plans involving new businesses I am relying upon the internet as a backbone of the idea, at least so much as it is necessary to do so. After doing some home work I guess that what I am looking to do is to find the best backlink services. That is what they call the technique you use to sort of play games with Google and the other search engine companies. Of course they are trying to out smart guys who are incredibly smart and it is not as though that is something that you can be too sure about, at least the smart guy is going to figure out what you are doing and then do something about it.

The basic idea is this, you have an algorithm and that is what decides which sites are ranked highest on the results when you search for something on the Internet. If you search for something obvious like a book then you are going to get the obvious results, the big book stores and there is not much that a normal guy like me is going to be able to do to crack the top search results for a key word like books. Perhaps if it was a very specific book or type of book then you could focus in on marketing that, but in general there are going to be a lot of markets where you are up against the established players in a market and you are not going to get ranked highly.