3 Ways To Keep Prospects Engaged With Your Brand

When it comes to selling your packages and programs it pays to play the long game. Sure there will be those few brave souls that contact you upon seeing your website, but for the most part you will need to build trust over time with prospects before they’ll take the leap and hire you.

One of the tricky things about building trust over time is that you need to get prospects to stick around!

And getting prospects to stick around is all about engaging them with your brand. So here are 3 ways to help you create a more immersive experience with your brand that engages prospects.

1. Infuse Your Personality And Voice

When you are a solopreneur you’re automatically claiming that you’re an expert in your niche. And with that can come a lot of pressure to be “perfect”. You want to make sure you sound smarter than the average bear and so you start sounding less like a person and more like a text book.

This worked a few years ago, but consumers these days are onto these tricks. They are skeptical of big claims or “experts”. What they want to see is someone they can relate to and that makes sense to them.

So a great way to make your content sticky and engaging with your prospects is to be yourself!

Write about your expertise in a conversational tone. Share personal stories, what you learned from them, and how they relate to your audience. By sharing your personal viewpoint and not trying to overcomplicate things you will be more relatable to your audience and still position yourself as an expert.

2. Have A Clear Message – And Repeat It

A big part of branding yourself as an expert is to have a message or viewpoint to share. And while prospects will find your information helpful, whether or not they connect with your message and viewpoint will play a big role in them wanting to hire you.

So even if you think you’re repeating yourself it’s important that you weave your key message into everything you do. From your teleseminars to your articles and newsletters and everything you’re putting out there for content. The more you repeat it the more likely prospects will be to remember it and you.

If you think about it, when you were in school the likelihood of you remembering something the first time you heard it (even if it made total sense) was probably pretty slim. So it’s up to you to take a stand and drive your message home so that you become remembered for it.

3. Create A Path For Your Clients To Follow

When it comes to getting prospects to stick around you need to plan a strategy that doesn’t just engage them momentarily, but keeps them engaged and interacting with your brand.

When you get your prospect accustomed to taking actions, they will be more likely to buy when you make an offer.

To do this you want to map out the path you want prospects to take on their way to hiring you. This might start with an opt in offer, that leads into a follow up sequence with helpful content that doesn’t only educate them but helps them recognize their need, then maybe it will lead into a webinar that introduces your offer.

And it doesn’t end there, you also want your paid offerings to form a path for clients to follow where they can work with you in multiple ways over time to reach their goals.

These are just 3 of the many ways for you to start creating a brand that prospects keeps prospects engaged. What are you doing to engage your prospects?

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