Brand Auditing: Beating the Competition

Brand auditing can go a long way in making sure your business stays noticed and maintains a pristine reputation in your community, and society.

Today, consumers are faced with so many different options when deciding where to make their purchase, where to eat dinner, where to get their car serviced, which hotel to stay in, what airline to fly with, which gym to belong to, and so on. The choices seem endless, and so it is up to the businesses to make sure their company is the one being chosen.

Brand auditing is just the way to go, then. If you have a business that faces numerous competitors, such as restaurants, coffee shops, frozen yogurt stores, ice cream shops and hotels, then knowing what your brand image looks like out in the field, stacked up against competitors’ products and services and in the eyes of your potential clients is key to ensuring you beat your competitors.

With a brand audit, mystery shoppers or auditors will be sent into your stores and facilities, and the areas around them, to assess how your marketing and advertising strategies are working, and if the money allocated to each is being spent properly. Shoppers will look to see how your marketing collateral is positioned inside and outside your stores, and they will also evaluate and analyze what competitors are saying about your brand.

Take a minute and pretend that you are a shopper for a popular frozen yogurt or ice cream franchise, think Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone or Red Mango and Menchie’s. You have already taken a look at the facility of the business, which you are auditing, and now you are about to enter a competitor’s store or grocery store. If you are walking into the competition you will want to see if it is advertising or promoting its product in a way that sheds bad light on your company’s ice cream. Or, if you are entering the grocery store, walking down the aisle to where all the ice cream is stacked up next to each other, you will want to see what the people choosing and buying the ice cream are saying–is one better than the other, and why?

This is just a small example of what a brand auditor will do for a company with regards to facing the competition. It will not always include staking out the competitors, but mostly will be listening and observing how the company that you are auditing is positioning itself within a market that is teeming with competition. The promotions, marketing and advertising need to position the brand in a way that will be competitive, yet appealing.

Brand auditing can help make that possible by giving businesses a verifiable look at their own brand.

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