Brand Monitoring, Sentiment and Reputation Management: How To Keep Your Good Name

Keeping track of your brand and how others view it can provide a significant advantage, no matter what industry you’re in. Depending on the awareness of your brand, there can be hundreds, thousands or even millions of consumers, customers and prospects talking about you. Are you paying attention? It may seem daunting, but there are tools to help you do so.

Monitoring your brand helps you keep abreast of what customers are saying about you and their experience with your company. Naturally, this information can be both good and bad. What’s important is that you stay aware of what’s being said so that you can act accordingly. To accomplish this, you could manually conduct searches to find articles, posts, social media commentary and the like. That method would only prove to be time consuming and you’d likely miss numerous results in the process.

Use tools like Google Alerts and Mention for free and low cost solutions. These keyword-based alert tools send you an email whenever your selected keywords are triggered. Google Alerts is free and doesn’t have a limitation on the number of keywords. Mention is free for 3 keywords and 500 results per month. They do offer a low-priced premium plan at only $20 per month. Tools such as Radian6 or SalesForceMarketingCloud offer a more robust solution, but at a much higher price tag. The benefit is that you get a lot more data including the positive, negative and neutral sentiment of comments as well as comprehensive reporting. Plans are in the hundreds to thousands for enterprise level. Depending on the size of your business, there may be a solution that fits.

Why do we monitor this type of content? Reputation management of course! “We are who they think we are” – unknown. It means that we are how the public perceives us to be – good or bad. Armed with this information we can then impact that perception. Taking steps to respond to negative reviews, taking note of negative customer service experiences and taking steps to rectify these situations leads to the improvement of your reputation. Ignoring them only erodes your brand’s cache and gives the competition a chance to catch up or surpass you. In this age of social media, bad reviews and commentary can easily spread like wildfire. But, more importantly, you have all of the tools at your disposal to monitor and respond. Not doing so is simply no longer and option.

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