Creating Your Compelling Marketing Message

Your marketing message is what you say about what you do in your business. It is essential not only because it gives people information about who you are and what you do, but also because this is what makes you unique and memorable. This is the first part of your brand development.

Many entrepreneurs, especially coaches, struggle quite a bit with their messages. When asked what do they do, they start with their title, such as business coach, or marketing coach, or relationship coach or fill in the blank coach. Although titles are clear and easy for people to digest, they are not very compelling and they tend to put you in the box with all the other marketing coaches you have to compete with.

Another question I hear a lot is, what should a good compelling marketing message be about? Is it about you as a business owner or is it about people you serve? The answer is both. If you make it too much about you, you will lose people because they won’t feel like you care enough about them or their needs. On the other hand, if you make it too much about them and forget to include you, then you will lose yourself and your potential clients won’t see you as an expert who can help them.

So the big question is, at which point does it stop being about you and becomes more about them and where can you find that balance? The answer is simple, your client’s needs, problems and struggles are about them and your unique abilities to solve those problems and meet those needs are all about you. And you absolutely have to include both in your marketing message. Whom you serve, what their struggles, desires or needs are and what makes you so special to create the best solutions for your clients.

Many experts have a formula to create your marketing message statement and I find those helpful. I have heard a couple of different formulas and in my opinion they are all equally good and powerful.

However, the biggest problem I see with using any particular formula is that they are typically learned from one expert where everyone in that particular group uses the same formula. And if you have a group of people who serve practically the same population or do similar things, then you get a group of entrepreneurs with marketing messages that sound almost identical. That’s why when I work with clients, we usually do a comprehensive brainstorming on their story, mission statement, what they are passionate about, their credentials, who their ideal clients are, what their typical needs tend to be and how can they solve those problems in a unique way. Then we put it together in a statement of one or two sentences that sounds clear, compelling and concise.

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