Discover How to Choose A Pull Up Banner Which Suits Your Needs

More and more small and medium businesses are coming to discover the tremendous importance of pull up banners in their marketing campaigns, events or presentations. Using promotional banners is one of the most effective ways to bring increased attention to your brand. As a cost effective and attractive option, this marketing method has the potential to spread your messages to an extensive range of potential customers who pass by your stand.

However, one of the most daunting tasks you will have to deal with is the actual process of choosing the right banners that suit your needs. In order to make sure you will choose the right ones, there are 4 key things you need to take into consideration: weight, appearance, function and quality.

Compact and Lightweight

When travelling, it is imperative to consider the size and weight of your banners. Size and weight does matter, especially when travelling by car. Remember that the lighter you go, the less materials are used which in turn means that the system has less strength. If you cannot afford a van to transport your marketing materials, you should somehow fit the banners into the trunk. Widths ranging between 700 – 850 mm are extremely common nowadays, because they are easy to transport and also large enough to be noticed at an exhibition. You could also go with 1400 mm wide pull up banners if you have a more complex marketing message, but in this case try to find a van to transport them.


Another important aspect you need to consider when choosing a new pull up banner design is its appearance. Remember that you need to present a unique, top-notch marketing message on each banner in order to stand out from the crowd and attract more customers than your competition. Since most people out there will not read more than 1/3 of your banner, try to get your message across using a few words and a couple of suggestive images. Keep it simple and straight to the point and leave the details at the end. Always use top-quality printing services and vivid colors for a better customer experience.


If you just want to promote your brand without all the features, go with a cheap simple banner. However, if you want to make a very good first impression among your customers, go with a solution which has good support for the printed banner. Also, purchase a graphic cassette which allows you to swap the graphic panel with ease and add some display lighting. In addition, buy double sided displays instead of single sided pull up banner stands for a double impact. Some systems come equipped with a quick graphic change feature, which can be used to switch between graphics. This last feature is extremely useful, especially if you target a wide range of customers.


The last thing you need to have in mind when looking to buy brand new banners for a show, conference, exhibition or any other promotional event is the quality of the material. A quality banner should feature a scratch resistant or durable surface. Also, it should be printed photographically.

When it comes to quality, you mustn’t be cheap. Your potential customers will notice the low quality of the materials and will think that your business offers low-quality products or services, even if the exact opposite might be true. Be smart when choosing pull up banners and start promoting your business.

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