Do You Have A Mission Statement For Your Business?

Now that you have your compelling story, the next step in your brand development is to craft your mission statement. But where do you begin? Think about what do you feel passionate about? If you thought about this before, the answer to this question will be no brainer. However, if you never thought about it, you may get puzzled and even frustrated. Some fears may even come up — What if I don’t have any passions? Don’t worry, you do. You just haven’t thought about it yet.

Think about all the good things in life you look forward to waking up for every day. If you could have more of those things, what would they be? Think about all the things in your every day life that upset you the most. If there was one thing on the planet that you had the power to change, or at least contribute to changing, what would it be? And I am not talking about annoying little things like other drivers on the freeway or long lines in the grocery store. I am talking about something significant, on a global scale, such as ending hunger or bringing education to everyone or saving the planet and natural resources.

Your mission, as you can see, is much bigger than what you do in your business. In fact, many times you can change your career or direction in your business and still be able to live and fulfill your mission. For example, if your mission is to save the planet, you can become a biologist or you can choose to sell environmentally safe and healthy organic products. Or you can become an advocate regardless of where you work.

I can almost hear you saying, “but I am only one person, what can I possibly do to change the world on a bigger scale?” You will be amazed to find out just how much one person is capable of achieving. At the very least, one person who is strongly driven by his or her mission is more than capable of influencing and inspiring others to change the world on a bigger scale.

Having a desire to make a huge difference on a global scale is all you really need to create a powerful mission statement. And then all you have to do is take actions that align with your mission and you will build your business. And it will grow much bigger than you even realize.

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