How Do You Develop Your Brand?

I will start by saying, I am a professional brand designer and I personally wasn’t alone working on my own brand. I had a coach to help me work on my mission and passion, a branding consultant who helped me create my marketing message, a coach who helped me narrow down my niche and I also attended several workshops that teach you the steps of brand development. The logo I designed myself, but I’ve been a graphic designer for 10 years, so I am qualified. My point is, if you want your brand to be effective, you cannot do it all alone. Just like even the best hair dresser cannot give herself (or himself) a good haircut. Why? Because there are just some gifts and gems that we possess that we simply don’t see in ourselves.

I recently attended a presentation given by a marketing expert on branding and she put it quite nicely: “You cannot see the picture if you look at it from the inside of the frame”. And it is true. We are all completely blind to our own gifts and talents and we wouldn’t even know they existed until someone at some point told us about them. I think that’s why compliments never get old and we are never tired of hearing them (they have to be sincere, of course) because each time we hear them, we either learn something brand new about ourselves or get reminded of something we forgotten.

And that is true, as much as we can be fully aware of how we want to help other people, what results we want to help them accomplish and what problems or challenges we would like to work on with them, until they give us their honest feedback, we simply cannot know what we have truly done for them. When we create our marketing message, it may be clear to us because we go over and over it in our heads several times. However, it is rarely clear to others because they only hear it for the first time and their attention span is only long enough to hear a fraction of it.

So bottom line is, you can try developing your own brand but with your limited visibility of who you truly are, you can only create a small fraction of the powerful brand you could have if you don’t have the right people helping you through this process.

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