How To Choose The Right Niche For Your Business

Practically every marketing and branding expert will strongly suggest that you pick a niche for your business. Yet, I still find many business owners out there who are being quite generic in their marketing messages. They are willing to work with anybody with many problems, as long as there is a chance of getting a paying client. Although I do understand the fear of losing a potential client, I have to reassure you, you will not. In fact, you are actually losing more of your ideal clients by not declaring your niche. Why? Because people are more likely to think of you every time they meet someone with a problem, if you position yourself as an expert who fixes or heals that particular problem.

If you agree that having a niche is important, but struggle with picking one, read on.

First, let’s talk about what do I mean by niche as everyone has a slightly different understanding of this term. The way I understand it is, your niche is the group of people you help (your ideal clients) with any specific problem they may have and you solve those problems using your personal expertise and unique abilities. The key is to get really focused on the first two parts: whom do you serve and what specific problems do they have.

Now let’s talk about who are they. Think about a group of individuals based on demographics, that you would really like to work with. Everyone has that one group of population he or she connects really well with. Some people are really good with teenagers, some prefer to work with women, some get along better with men of a certain age group, some are great with children, etc. You know what your group is. Mine is women, roughly between the ages of 35 and 60. This doesn’t mean that I would refuse to work with someone outside of this category or there aren’t any exceptions. It just means that the majority of my clients will be in this category because they are naturally attracted to me. You can also narrow it down by mindset, belief system, education, marital status, location, career category, etc.

You can also narrow down your niche by any specific issue you would like to help people with. For example, if you are a healer and your area of expertise is health care, instead of saying you help people feel better, I would encourage you to pick a particular condition or concern you would like to help your clients with. You don’t have to narrow it down to any one particular disease, you can choose a group of illnesses that have one common denominator and have that be your niche.

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