How to Get Noticed In A Competitive Marketplace

A unique selling proposition or USP is critical to your success in business. Without it you and your business will always be fighting an uphill battle. But with so much competition and so little time to get creative how can you get your foot in the game and stand out from the competition? This article outlines the basic steps to follow when creating your unique selling proposition.

Developing a unique selling proposition is critical to your success in business. While good branding builds consumer confidence, only a clear and concise offer that stands out in the marketplace can put you and your business into profit. The bottom line really is the bottom line and unless you can connect with consumers in a way that speaks directly to them you may as well pack up now and head home. So are you ready to learn how to create a unique offer that stands out from the crowd?

Here’s how to start crafting your unique selling proposition:

  • Be clear about your product or service – define the offer in detail before you do anything else. A great way to do this is to start out by writing a sales letter to sell your target market’s perfect offer. What are they looking for? What other products are already selling in your niche? What is missing in the marketplace?
  • Be clear about your target market – don’t try to sell to everyone in your niche or industry. While big brands can and do consume a large share of the marketplace, you don’t have to. In fact, it would be a mistake to even try to! Pick a small piece of the market and craft your offer and price point to target a much smaller group.
  • Be clear about your company and it’s background – determine what is it that you can and do offer that your competition doesn’t. Do you provide great customer care? Unique insights that the competition does not? Can you give your customers a high quality, personalised product at a price your competition cannot?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? The truth is this is far from simple. The internet has bombarded consumers with so many offers that you have an uphill battle just to get heard. Selling your product or service online takes time, commitment and skill. There really are no shortcuts to success when it comes to building a profitable business.

That said, these three simple steps will help you to define your unique selling proposition and to gain a foothold in the marketplace. It’s a start!

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