Just Moved to Justin TX

I have just got a little place in Justin, TX, although to tell the truth I did not know it was not Fort Worth at first. That was a good thing though, because the city of Ft Worth would be charging me property tax if I was in the city limits. I am not quite in Justin either, but they would come tax me if not for the hill I live at the bottom ( they do not want to pay to pump sewage up the hill). I did luck out and Justin fiber optics internet and TV are available. Apparently it just got to this neighborhood. I was moving in and I saw the truck for the installer at the house down the street. It was a really good deal for me, because I am paying a bit less than what I had been paying for cable tv and broadband internet at my last place.

I am not sure the TV service would be good if you had a big family, but I do not really understand the way that it works exactly. If you had a lot of TV’s in your house, then it might not work out great. You can only watch so many different streams at once, so five people could not watch five different things I think. At any rate I only have a couple of TV sets. I have a big 50 inch set in the living room and a smaller one mounted on the wall of the bedroom, above the dresser. The Internet here is definitely far superior to what I had been getting. Some times I could hardly listen to a song on Youtube it seems. Now I can stream a high def movie on Netflix and it looks as perfect as the TV.