Not Your Run-Of-The Mill Custom Promotional Products

When shopping for promotional products for commercial and residential prospects, marketers tire of page after page of pens, key chains, and stress balls. A competitive marketplace requires a business to set itself apart from the competition and promotional efforts should follow this approach. When looking for custom promotional products, marketers should consider their industries and think creatively. The result will be promos that distinguish the business and lead to increased sales.

Custom Promotional Products That Promote a Lifestyle

Creating a persona of the target audience can help a business determine which type of lifestyle it promotes. Identifying the traits, habits, and hobbies of these individuals brings certain products to mind. For example, companies that cater to executives should consider promos such as golf shoe and accessory bags, trunk organizers to keep items neat inside high-priced vehicles, and computer accessories designed for busy corporate leaders.

Business travelers and vacationers often stay at hotels and they usually have more than one establishment to choose from within a given city. To win their business, a hotel needs to create an image of a particular lifestyle. Customized slippers and robes convey days filled with slumber while brightly colored tote bags and matching flip-flops say, “Bring on the fun!” Vented shoe bags provide business travelers with storage for well-worn formal shoes during the journey home.

Custom Promotional Products for Health-Conscious Consumers

Flu and first aid kits and humidifiers are not the first items most people think of when considering promotional products. With society becoming more health-conscious, these are now smart gifts. Even something as simple as printing the business logo and contact information on a package of tissues can be effective. Some kits are designed for specific situations such as golfing or hiking while others are suitable for daily home or office use.

With more people hitting the gym to get fit, imprinted sports towels have become popular. Special towels are designed for use with yoga mats, absorbing sweat so the mats stay clean. Personal protection kits are the latest items in the health-friendly promotional movement. Facemasks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and towellettes are packaged in a durable container that features screen printed or heat transfer imprinting. Each kit includes enough supplies for all members of a family to protect themselves from airborne infections.

Custom Promotional Products for Do-It-Yourselfers

As corporate and household budgets tighten, more people are becoming do-it-yourselfers. Business owners find themselves fixing leaks in office sinks and homeowners are unjamming their garbage disposals rather than calling professionals. These products require tools and supplies, creating new lines of promo items. Multi-tools, flashlights, screwdrivers, and tools sets are among the many products.

Specialized kits such as those designed for bicycle repair are perfect for businesses that cater to niche populations. A bike shop can distribute one of these kits with each new bike, helping riders to keep their purchases in good condition. Expedition tool kits are ideal for anyone who is an explorer at heart but still wants to get home in time for dinner.

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