Promotional Items That Can Help Boost Your Sales – Regardless of the Season

Handing out promotional items can be an excellent way of making your business successful. And of course, when one says a successful business – it means gaining more sales and greater profitability.
It is worthy to note however, that there are several aspects that should be taken care of – most especially when dealing with promotional products. One such detail is the type of products that you are handing out.
There are some products that are best handed out during particular seasons, while there are those which can actually be offered the whole year through. And as an entrepreneur, it would be best if you are able to distinguish which is which – and use them for your own campaigns accordingly.
To help you out, let’s discuss some promotional items that can help increase your sales – regardless if it’s summer, winter or fall:

  1. T-Shirts – this option can be quite useful, considering that shirts are wearable regardless if its summer or winter. Recipients can use it at home or when going out, making it an excellent option for your business. Another aspect of this item that’s worth giving a second look at is the fact that it has quite a spacious area where you can place your business name, logo, motto or emblem on (meaning: more people will see your name). Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to exercise a bit of fashion sense, just so that you can be sure that your recipient will actually wear the shirt.
  2. Custom USBs – in this digital age, electronic gadgets can be quite usable. As it is, handing out portable storage devices can be quite a good option, as it’s not only relevant but it’s quite handy as well. Accordingly, those who’ll receive it will most likely appreciate the effort – which in turn, can result to a boost in sales.
  3. Pens – this item may seem simple and unimportant – but people do actually like receiving pens. To get the best results however, it would be best if you handed out high-quality and branded pens – just to ensure that your recipients can use it for a longer time.
  4. Lanyards – this is another simple item that can actually reap benefits for your business. You can choose between sublimated lanyards (with or without key rings) or those with raised ink accordingly. Again, the key here is usability and marketability. The more usable and interesting your handouts are – the better it is.
  5. Chocolates – who doesn’t like chocolates, right? Place some tasty chocolates on properly designed jars – and you’re good to go. For marketing purposes, it would be advisable to put an interesting and witty message on the jar (from your company) – just to add a bit of personal touch.
  6. Coasters – this option is good for all seasons, considering that everyone loves to have their coffee or drinks. Just make sure to strategically place your marketing message clearly, so that they’ll remember you every time they take a sip. You can choose between leatherette coasters, silicone coasters, ceramic coasters, bamboo and cork coasters and other alternatives.
  7. First Aid Kit – with this product, you are telling people that you actually care for their welfare. This product comes in handy regardless of the season – and can be quite impressive. Marketing-wise, don’t forget to put your name on the kit, just to remind recipients where they got it from.
  8. Scented Candles – people love to relax. With that in mind, you can offer people some scented candles, so that they’ll remember your business while resting at the bath tub. After all, the purpose of promotional products is name recall and brand recognition.
  9. Sun Shades – the beauty of this product is that it actually allows other people to see your business name, company or marketing message – even while a car is just parking in the corner. With this option, it would be best to create a witty and interesting message, so that you’ll catch the attention of the people passing by.
  10. Bumper Stickers – people have this tendency to look at bumper stickers while driving. Take advantage of that by handing out bumper stickers with an interesting message on it. Of course, make sure to include your company name on it as well.

These are just some of the interesting promotional items that can help boost your sales – regardless of what the season may be. In the end, what’s important is that you are able to spread your marketing message across, and reap greater profits accordingly.

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