There Is No Total Market Here or Anywhere

Total market! Are you kidding me? Are we going back to the 60s?

Let me take you back in time just to remind you how far we’ve come in multicultural marketing and the possible detrimental consequences in brand and cultural consumer relationships should we return to this nonsensical marketing concept.

Global Product Positioning

Back in the 60s U.S. products were positioned through a global marketing strategy throughout the world, a homogenous approach effective enough to sell a widget in every country due to limited competition. In the 80s multinational corporations turned to international-regionalized marketing strategies to better serve the needs of a changing consumer world and broader competition. Nowadays, the same companies are maximizing the opportunity through an in-country positioning strategy. The latter emerged as a need for recognizing the unique differences of consumers, including culture, language, spending habits and most importantly, understanding the process as to how these individuals build relationships with brands.

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