Marketing Becomes Easier When the Brand is YOU

For a consultant, solo professional, or other type of entrepreneur, YOU are the brand. Marketing your business is about marketing YOU as the best choice for your customers’ needs.

Starting today, make sure that you are positioning yourself as the brandthe expert. Begin to make a list. What makes you different from your competition? What traits make you stand out? What do people remember most about you?

By branding YOU, you build the power of influence. Your prospects begin to perceive you as the best resource in your field. Create a tagline for you that describes your benefits – are you a straight shooter…compassionate…a big thinker…a problem solver? What things about you make you absolutely different and valuable from someone else in your industry?

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13 Ways A Free Community Call Will Build Your Brand

Creating content every week for a teleseminar, let alone for free is a big undertaking – and something many solopreneurs shy away from. After all, why do all of that work if you aren’t making money from it?

Au contraire my fine solopreneur friend, having a free community call will go a long way to building your brand and will pay for itself in clients that are lining up to work with you.

So if you’ve ever considered doing a regularly scheduled free community teleseminar but have been hesitating – here are 13 reasons you need to!

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