The Case for Great Customer Support

We’re an IT support outfit but you can feel free to insert your line of business here because at the end of the day every company that wants to generate repeatable sales has to deal with customer service. Yes (long pause) – business sure would be so much easier if it wasn’t for the bloody customers, wouldn’t it?

For some companies, crazy good customer service defines who they are. Everything they do is measured against the “Prime Directive” of knock your socks off service. It is their core competency, their unique differentiator if you will. And it’s a great definer – no one ever failed providing exemplary service. You might go extinct providing the best Edsel repair service on the planet but at least it isn’t because of how you’re treating your customers.

For other companies, barely adequate service was never intended to be part of the deal anyway, but in many cases, at least you know that going in. They may have a core competency but it certainly isn’t blow you away service. And still others crow on about how much they care when everybody knows its shameless lip service. Surprise, surprise, you’re the worst company in Canada.

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Branding With Inflatables

When you are running regular campaigns that market and promote your brand you have to come up with new and clever ways to position your product or service so you maintain your loyal core audience but also reach out to new customers. If you’ve been in marketing for any length of time you know how hard it can be to come up with something so simple it works beyond what you ever intended. It’s often the simple ideas that make the biggest and most enduring splash and if your business needs a creative boost to enhance its brand image, consider using inflatable products.

Consider the pros of using inflatable products for branding your business: It’s fun, appeals to kids and adults, is available in many shapes including inflatable kiosks, arches, air dancers, costumes and product replicas and can be used at indoor trade shows and outdoor festivals. Straying up with the latest technology and gadgets is difficult enough on your own, applying it to a business can be a nightmare if not done properly and unless you have a savvy IT/developer team maybe you should hold off on applications that may be beyond your means.

Often marketers over-think problems and ignore simple solutions that are right in front of them. Instead of going with something obvious they scramble around looking under every rock for the mind-blowing concept that will shock the world. Honestly, is your business really ready to shock the world? Keep your marketing plans realistic and think of ideas that will be practical and affordable.

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