7 Tips to Creating Your Brand

Your brand is one of the essential aspects of your business. But what exactly is a brand? Why does it hold significance on a business? Your brand is what shows people who you are. They gain insight on your services and products as well as determining the type of individual/company you are. Choosing your brand can pose as a difficult talk and there are multiple factors that will influence your decision. The following are tips to helping you create a prosperous brand.

7 Tips for creating a prosperous brand:

1) Be clear and simple. People have short attention spans in our fast-paced society. The rule of thumb is 3 seconds! This means you have three seconds to hook them with your words or materials.
2) Stick to short, easily recognizable words that people can relate to. This goes for choosing a company name as well. You will be more memorable if you choose, Jane Smith Nutrition, rather than a long name that requires explanation.
3) When promoting your business on a sign, think about those driving by. They have about 5 seconds to take in all the information. Your company name, logo and colors need to be prominent and clear. (One of the world’s largest companies keeps it simple – e.g NIKE, check mark and slogan ‘Just do it’)
4) Keep in mind ‘wwgd’ – what would Google do? In our technology savvy society, 85% of people will “Google” what problem they have before asking those around them. They are looking for a solution to their problems with a simple web search. Whether you have a website or not, appearing in a “Google” search for your companies key words will always help business.
5) A logo does not need to be chosen right away. If you already have one that is fine, however rushing into choosing the incorrect logo to promote you company can be a mistake later on. A logo should be simple yet embody your brand at a quick glance.
6) Professionalism – You are your brand. Determining how you want to represent yourself is very important. Whether it is business formal or something for casual, it is imperative to stay consistent. If you exude comfort and confidence then you will attract the clients best suited for you. Remember, be yourself!
7) Focus on one or two areas, research your target and become an expert in those areas. Concentrating on one topic may direct you to another area of interest, your knowledge and experience will expand.

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