If You Don’t Brand Your Business, Someone Will Do It For You

During a small business entrepreneurship course at a community college, the instructor had class members work together. She handed out sheets with well-known logos. There were no descriptions, just the artwork. Students were told to form teams, choose several logos and then state who the company was and what their brand represented.

One team chose Harley Davidson, Nike, and one other company. Most of us are familiar with Harley Davidson, the company known for its motorcycles. These aren’t just any motorcycle. When you think of a Harley, you know it’s a bad boy muscle motorcycle and it’s pricey. Those who ride them have their own unique look as well. Harley Davidson expanded their brand into a highly successful clothing line. Their clientele–primarily white collar businessmen including doctors and lawyers– like to cut loose on the weekends.

Nike is so well known they no longer have to use the words Nike on the brand label. If you see the swoosh, whether on clothing, or shoes, you know you are looking at quality Nike sportswear.

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