Brand Engagement

Marketers aim to manage brands effectively, but what exactly does that mean? Surely successful brands manage themselves? Do customers not decide the terms of a relationship with specific brands? In answer to these two questions: yes and yes. At least that is how successful marketers make it appear. This is all achieved by excelling at brand engagement.

Encouraging repeat or new customers to engage with a brand is not as straightforward as it may seem, but there are a number of techniques marketers can employ to stir interest in a service or product. Some methods are extremely obvious and others take are more subtle approach. The idea is to find what works best for a particular brand and continue with that method.

Brand engagement describes how a relationship begins, continues to grow and how it keeps the relationship going between an individual and a brand. Though different in a number of ways, engagement can occur through advertising directly, such as when marketers make a conscious effort to repeat a message to consumers. That message could be designed to administer a certain thought or discussion among your target market, such that a shared perception of the brand takes shape.

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Five Consumer Trends Shaking Up the Packaging Industry

Consumers are continually changing the way they view, interact with and discard packaging. Whether you’re a manufacturer or a product marketer, you know how important it is to reflect the changing needs of the consumer in your products.

From convenience to traceability, here are five of the most important consumer packaging trends you need to know about to maximize the potential of packaging your products in today’s market.

1. Sustainability
Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of global environmental issues and are changing their buying habits accordingly. These days, it’s ‘cool to care’, and consumers are actively seeking out semiotic signs on packaging that manufacturers have a green conscience (but are wary of green washing). Understanding how commitment to sustainability can be communicated in an engaging way on the packaging is key to attracting, relating to, and keeping consumers.

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