The Advantages of Using Promotional Pens in Branding


Despite the increase in use of digital gadgets in the workplace, pens are still one of the indispensable office stationery. They still hold on to the leading position of the most effective promotional item. This makes more sense for a business to invest in promotional pens as part of a marketing and promotional campaign. They allow for a number of benefits which makes them effective as a memorable and wide reaching marketing tool. Below are some of the advantages any company will benefit from using novelty pens as marketing tools.

First, they are cost effective. Promotional pens require little investment as they use cheap material and can be produced both in huge volumes or limited numbers. This makes it easy for a company to have a budget fitting them. They are also timeless and suit every occasion. You can use novelty pens as gifts in anniversaries, sales or shows and they will not be out of place. This saves the expenses of changing gifts every marketing campaign. Furthermore, the pens can be purchased as office stationery allowing you to take advantage of the discounts on large volumes.

The other major advantage is that novelty pens allow you to be unique. There are many kinds of pens and different materials from which to make them. You can select from plastic, metallic and wooden pens in terms of material. You also have a wide range to choose from in terms of the kinds of pens. There are ball pens, roller tip pens and fountain pens among others. In terms of mechanism you have the click pens, twist pens, capped ones and so on. All these allow you to have a promotional item that is different from the rest and easily noticeable. You can style it to suit the purpose of your campaign unlike other promotional items.

The other major advantage of pens is their reach. Pens are used daily and everywhere. When not in use, novelty pens will be prominently displayed and treasured by the owners. They are also a mark to identify with a known brand and will be proudly displayed. They can also be given to any one from state guests to children. You are guaranteed they will be used and even passed on increasing the visibility of your brand. These advantages make it imperative for any business to put a place for the use of promotional pens in their brand promotions.

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