The Appraisal Got Us the Loan

When my husband and I were given an incredible opportunity, it almost seemed too good to be true. The owner of the local gas station and convenient mart wanted to retire, and he asked to talk with us about it. We know each other from different community events, but we weren’t buddies or anything. He said he saw something in us though, and he asked if we would like to purchase his business. He told us that he could refer a company that could do a gas station appraisal, which would help with the financing from the local bank.

He gave us a lot to think about, but he made it impossible to decline when he quoted us a price that was substantially lower than what we had expected. We already knew how busy the station and store were because we were frequent customers ourselves. It was common knowledge that we were looking for an investment because of our involvement with one community organization, which is why he thought of us. We knew that we would need to go through with the appraisal before the bank would talk to us about a loan.

He gave us the website of a company that has been performing appraisals on gas stations and convenience stores for many years. We scoured their site to make sure that we had all of the information needed, then we set up an appointment to get things started. We had already started the paperwork, so the appraisal was the next step. The person who came to do it was very professional, and it did not take him long at all before he gave us the paperwork we needed to make this dream a reality. The loan went through with no problems. It is pretty amazing that we are now the owners of the gas station that most of the town uses!