The Four Most Common Misconceptions And Limiting Beliefs About What Is Branding

So let’s discuss it further, what is branding and what is a brand? Let’s clear up all these myths and misconceptions in more details. Here is what I commonly hear.

Your brand is your business logo design.

I know that’s what a lot of people think and many graphic designers will even claim that they do branding but what they actually mean is they provide logo services. But the fact is, saying your brand is you logo is like taking the Empire State Building and calling it New York. Logo is a visual symbol of your brand but it’s not your entire brand. Having a nice looking logo doesn’t mean you have a well developed brand.

Branding is marketing and advertising.

This statement is not accurate. Branding and marketing are two separate steps, both very important. Branding is a very important step you have to take before you market your business. Marketing is actually the physical act of distributing your products and services and showing them off for the world to see. If you market yourself without first developing a good brand, your audience will be less likely to notice or even pay attention to what you have to show.

My business is too small for branding.

I know, many small business owners think of the word brand as something only for large and well known companies with multimillion dollar revenue. What they don’t realize is that most if not all of those companies had worked on their brand way before they grew big and famous. Even if you want to keep your business small, but would like to make at least 6 figures, you will need a strong personal brand, otherwise you won’t grow and you will struggle.

Branding is way too expansive, I’ll work on it myself for now then hire a professional when I get more successful.

Chances are, you will not get more successful until you get a brand. And you need a professional to help you develop it. Just like you can’t give yourself a good haircut no matter how good you are at cutting hair. You will get frustrated, overwhelmed and in the end you will not get the same results. Branding is a well worth investment, and if you look at it from the perspective of how much more money you will be making as a result of having it, it is not expansive at all.

When you have a brand you become more visible, you stand out from the crowd, you attract more of your ideal clients and you can charge more money for your products and services without having to convince others that they are worth the price. Because a good brand typically sells itself.

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