The Genie Story Personalized For Online Marketing

Step with me now as we walk through the sands of business time and find our way to the beaches of the world economy where genies in bottles appear out of nowhere and grant you three professional wishes to fulfull your success, as if you were an important factor in the economical equation of life on this global orb.

A bobbing bottle catches your eye and when you pick it up from the sands, the cork pops and out comes a wisp of magical smoke determined to keep your attention. No haphazard trail of wispy curls for this genie, the smoke forms into the delightful indulgence you most desperately desire and carries you away like a magic carpet to the world of wonders and beguiling delights of a land where sunrises and sunsets are filled up with pastel miracles and delicious decadence.

This genie was meant for you.

Enroute, you are granted your first wish… This genie is so tuned into your needs that he doesn’t have to ask. He simply knows that you want a market of hungry customers, clamboring to purchase every item you sell. He provides them. People grabbing at you, demanding to purchase what you offer.

As you arrive, the hungry customers are pulling at your clothes and the genie realizes that you still need a product to sell them. He provides you a product and a means of providing the product to your hungering followers. This magical beast of burden who has brought you greatness and recognition bestows upon you the beastly wonders of success and fulfills your deepest desires.

You’re grateful and you share your gratitude with the genie, benefitting all his efforts with gladness and triumphant appreciation.

With a grateful heart, you settle in for the next phase of your journey, knowing the genie has much in store for you and the wisdom he imparts will carry you through the vast world of oceans, beaches, mountains and plains, and bring you great manners of infuence and power. The ease with which you’ve achieved your goals must be magical, without incessant labor and hard work, for you feel as if you’ve lighted on a cloud of grandeur.

There in the midst of the clouds drifting high above the oceans, you realize that you have one more wish. You can have anything you want, you just have to phrase this wish to cover everything you could EVER ask for and not let the genie fill the wrong wish. With that thought, you begin your descent on flight Magic Carpet 101 to the airport of life and realize that your wish is for this holy fantasy to continue in real life.

You look around and realize that you don’t have customers on your secluded beach, your products are not available here and the dream of success can’t be real if you don’t have a solution.

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