The Importance of Carrier Bags in Promoting Your Brand

For many years the carrier bag has been used to promote shops – look to your local supermarket for the most obvious example. Those carrying their shopping home are advertising that particular store without being aware of it and the name of the shop is continually being brought to the attention of other (potential!) shoppers. Almost every high street store will have carrier bags with their names and logos printed on them – it is a relatively inexpensive way of promoting a shop – so why not try this for other businesses too?

Companies up and down the country are always looking for ways to get their name out there without bringing the marketing budget to its knees. Promotional items such as pens, pencils and fridge magnets are a great idea but tend to draw the focus of the person that they are given to and may not necessarily be noticed by others, so there needs to be something extra. It has to be something that people can carry around with them and that can be easily spotted by others. Enter the carrier bag.

Some companies may bypass the idea of a carrier bag if they are not selling an item that needs to be carried away, but there are other instances where the carrier bag can come in useful. Hundreds of businesses attend promotional events every year in the form of exhibitions and trade shows. You only have to attend these events to see just how many companies have recognised the potential of the carrier bag. Handing out promotional literature is a big part of these events and having printed carrier bags with your personalised design on them is a great way of not only making it easy for interested parties to carry it away, but to let everyone else in the exhibition hall know that you are there. It can bring people looking for you and soon you will see many delegates walking around armed with your promotional material.

In addition, the carrier bag is actually a thoughtful touch. Anyone who has been to one of these events and been handed promotional items but without something to carry them in will know that the carrier bag is an asset. Don’t just hand over the pens and pencils along with the promotional literature – have them ready-packed into a well-designed carrier bag and recipients will be much more likely to remember you because you put a little thought into the promotional process.

The cost effective eco-friendly printed carrier bags with your personalised design can be produced fairly quickly. Most companies will already have a logo so it is simply a question of reproducing this and the company name on the bag. There will be no need for long marketing meetings to discuss design and no need to pay somebody to come up with a design.

Promotional bags can also be taken to another level. The carrier bag is fine but does not necessarily have the longevity of other bags. Take a look at the supermarkets and their ‘bag for life’ approach. These are bags which still feature the company name and logo but are designed to be used time after time. They are created stronger but will still do exactly the same job in getting your name out there.

Events such as trade shows are not the only opportunities for handing out promotional bags though. Consider the benefits of giving the bags (and other items!) to sales staff to hand out at meetings. The idea is to remind potential clients that you exist and a bag which features your brand could be sitting in their office to remind them of your company every day.

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