The Popular Liquid Indicators

The use of liquids, especially water in the factories is higher than the entire city. A single factory can use up to thousands of gallons of water in a single day. Calculate it and see how much it uses in just a month. Because of the various uses in the factory, water tanks are specially built with the ability to hold a huge quantity of water at a single time. Apart from the water tank, a factory has multiple tanks in its boundaries which contain a variety of liquids. Most of the time all of the tanks contain different types of liquids and some of them can be very dangerous ones such as acids. These liquids are stored for a purpose and procured from the respective merchants.

It becomes necessary to have complete data of all these liquids to learn about the next time a liquid needs to be procured. Since most of the liquids are of different nature, a single liquid level indicator cannot be used with all of them. Hence it is necessary to have a separate liquid level indicator installed with all the tanks. There are different types of level indicators that can be used for measuring the liquids depending on the types of liquids that are present inside the container. The most popularly used liquid level indicators in factories can be listed as under.

Needle Gauge

This is a very simple kind of indicator and most of us have already seen it in action in the dashboards of our vehicles. Working simply like a car’s fuel gauge, these are installed to the tanks in factories. But these are only used with the small tanks mostly fire extinguishers and the likes. Because it cannot sustain very high pressure, it is installed to the smaller tanks.

Float Gauge

A plastic buoy suspended by a steel chain is lowered in the tank. As the buoy or the plastic float moves up and down with the liquid level, the change becomes visible on the external gauge. But it can only be used with some liquids which does not harm plastic or steel like water.

Ultrasonic Level Indicator

A one in all device with the ability to measure from a distance. Most of the factories that have single skinned tanks love the ultrasonic level indicator because of its ability to measure even from outside the walls of the container. Because of this factor it is becoming a popularly used device very quickly.

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