The Purpose Of A Business Logo

Many people think that your brand is basically your business logo. But if you know me and heard any of my presentations, my hope is that you know better. Saying your business is your logo is like taking the Empire State Building and calling it New York City. It is true, Empire State Building does make a good representation of the city and is often illustrated on stamps and book covers as a symbol of New York. But we all know there is a lot more to a city than just one building, no matter how famous it is.

Though your logo is only a part of you brand, I have to agree that it is a very important part of it. Because that’s the first thing people see. When you hand out your business cards with no logo on it, even if they “look professional”, you silently give out an impression that your business is something you do on the side. Your logo is what brings it all together, creating a signature mark not only for your business, but your entire philosophy. And if you don’t have your signature mark, it’s hard to tell what you stand for or what you represent.

Think about a beautiful house with big windows, lots of light, beautiful flowers in the front yard, a couple of trees and a large fancy front entry. Then you enter this house to be even more inspired by what it looks on the inside, hardwood floor, soft and cosy furniture next to a fireplace with every room decorated with love and style. What do you don’t see or even think about is the foundation of this house. The house wouldn’t even exist without the foundation, but if foundation was all it had, it wouldn’t be a home.

So let’s assume you have your well developed foundation to start with. Now it’s time to work on your logo. Now that you know who you are and hopefully can see your true value as well as the brand new appreciation and pride you gained through your brand development, it is time to express it in a way so that others can easily see it. Your logo has to be designed tastefully, from a graphic designers perspective as well as on purpose, from a branding perspective. What do I mean by that? From a graphic designer’s perspective it has to look aesthetically pleasing, so it is more of an artistic perspective.

From a branding perspective it has to inspire a feeling when people look at it. And, of course, ideally it is the feeling you want them to have. So this is more of a psychological perspective. The idea is that over time, by constantly showcasing your logo on all of your marketing materials you build an association between your logo, you, your company and what you represent.

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