The Various Types Of Product Labels

Why do we read the label on a product? The answer is simple – it is the most popular technique of identifying a product. In short, we get to know all about a desired item just by glancing through all the necessary details written on the label. This is one habit which gets imbued into our lives from a very early age. But do we ever wonder about the different types of product labels available in the market?

This post will help you understand product labels in a better way. Not only it will cover the different types of product labels, but also talk about their individual uses. So let’s get started, shall we?

Different Types of Product Labels and their Uses

#1. Branded Product Labels: It is important for a product to have a branded product label. This will help in the identification of the product, and also act as a brand building exercise. The label’s bonding on the surface of the product plays an important role. There are mainly two kinds of branded labels – the removable and the non-removable. As the name suggests, non-removable labels are the ones which are hard to remove from the surface. This means that they are hardy, and resistant to cold and water. Moreover, the adhesive is also of a very strong quality. The label on a beer bottle is a suitable example. The removable labels are the ones which are easy to remove at will, and do not leave behind a mark. The label on a clothing item is a fine example.

#2. Eco-friendly and Information Labels: Next in line are the eco-friendly and information labels. These are the ones which are most commonly used in household consumer products, like food items and use-and-throw products. Their main purpose is to impart valuable information about a product to the buyer. As these labels pass on information, eco-friendly substances get used in their manufacturing process.

#3. The Other Types: There are three other labels in the market too. Let’s have a brief look at them.

Laser – They come in a range of shapes, materials and sizes. The substance used to make them is highly resistant to the heat generated from the laser printing process.

Blackout – They get used in a product when there is a need to hide something. This is the reason only blank gray tapes get used to make them.

Piggyback – They get used mainly as stickers pasted on top of mail envelopes. They are usually small, and are extremely cheap.


Once you know the names of different labels, it will become easier for you to recognize a product. In short, you will transform into a smart shopper.

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