Tips For Buying The Right Brochure Holder

Today’s shoppers are clever and know what they want, and sales persons are obliged to make certain that customers’ queries are not left unanswered. However, in many instances, it is impossible to attend to every customer personally. In addition, a company needs to impart all the details of their service or product to the customer that would be supportive to making a sale. It can become frustrating for a salesperson if a potential customer canceled a sale due to a lack of adequate information about what the company is offering. For the best exposure of a product or service, brochures are made available to visitors. Brochures are usually easy to flip through and are placed on brochure holders for easy access.


Brochures are designed to have impact and catch the customer’s eye. Brochure holders are designed to complement it to make it easy for a visitor to “snatch” the information offered to satisfy their curiosity. For example, opaque one made from wood or paper, are not the best choice. They hide too much information that may otherwise be useful in attracting and keeping a loyal customer. Why go through the trouble of printing a well-designed and then hide most of it? The idea of having it becomes ineffectual if the brochure holders are non-transparent.

Transparent holders made from acrylic are the most effective. Acrylic is the most popular due to its 100% transparency. These look more attractive because visitors have a clear view of the information they are looking for. Moreover, the it may simply “catch the eye” of the visitor making them more interested in the company’s product or service.

Styrene is another functional material for brochure holders. Styrene is a kind of plastic that is very resilient. It is both sturdy and translucent. These types of holders can be found in either counter top or wall mounted styles. Styrene brochure holders can be found in various intensities from low-cost plastic to high-impact resistant quality. If transparency is not essential, paper or wooden versions are available as well.


In the excitement of designing beautiful brochures, it is easy to forget that when ordering these holders, the height of it is key to a tidy display. Full height support for brochures will eliminate bending and curling. In atypical circumstances when brochures are printed on very thin paper, extra support will be required to prevent leaflets from bending in the middle and falling forward. Selecting it with the correct height is key to an orderly and “attention-grabbing” display.


These are grouped into three categories, tabletop, wall mounted, and outdoor.

-Tabletop are most effective when they are made of acrylic. These can be used for singular brochures or stratified to suit various types of brochures that need to be separated.

-Wall-mount are usually found in several formats; singular compartment, modular panorama, and multi-layered transparent holders. This permits brochures to be wall-mounted side-by-side creating a distinctive display.

-Outdoor must be water-resistant and endure various climate changes. These types are usually not manufactured from acrylic and therefore not as sturdy.

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