Tips for Choosing An Effective Promotional Product

These days there are many means of promoting a business, product or event. One can take out an ad in the papers, run a spot on TV or radio, or post teasers on the many social networking sites on the Internet. There is another, popular promotion method, and that is by handing out promotional products like caps, office supplies, clothing or small gadgets to existing or potential customers.

Giving branded freebies is a good way of making a name known, but it will most benefit your business or cause if careful thought is given to the type of promotional items you hand out. Before investing your marketing budget in a large number of Aussie-made stubby holders, consider a few things.

Who is your target audience? Just about anyone will accept a product when it’s given for free, but whether they keep and use that item is another matter. Some objects like t-shirts and mugs appeal to a wide demographic, but If you’re trying to reach, say, women with children, then printed tote bags will probably go over better than beer holders.

What are you promoting? Your giveaways should be related to the business or occasion you are advertising. Pens, notepads and USB drives would be appropriate at a corporate or electronic trade fair, but may seem less so at a marathon to raise awareness for the environment.

What do you want to achieve? Do you simply want to get your name out there? Full-colour lanyards, t-shirts or buttons displaying your brand may do the trick. Or do you want your customers reminded individually again and again of your brand? Objects they will use every day, such as office supplies or drinkware, are a good bet.

Consider the cost. Make sure your promotional products are worth the amount you spend on them. That is, that they will get the results you want at a price you can reasonably afford. Know how much you can realistically spend per item and stick to your budget.

Think about quality. Invest in what you can afford, certainly, but select items that are well-made and stylish. The quality of your giveaways will reflect on your brand, and you don’t want your company associated with flimsy or cheap-looking products. Whatever product you decide on to promote your event or business, do make sure it is useful. There’s very little point in giving away something that will gather dust in a drawer.

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