Why Your Company Needs Reputation Marketing?

Have you checked out your online reviews lately online? If you haven’t, you need to do so immediately because people are discussing your business on the Internet. If you have, hopefully you have great reviews. If by some chance you have any bad reviews, you should consider a reputation marketing strategy for your business. No bad reviews? You still should consider reputation marketing to ensure you capitalize on those positive reviews in your marketing efforts

For example you have probably searched for a business or service online. Think about the last time you looked for a restaurant online. During your search for a great place to eat, you see that the number one listing only has 3 stars but the restaurant listed second has 5 stars. Which restaurant are you are going to choose? All other factors being equal, I bet you will choose the restaurant that has 5 stars. Well what about if the first company only had one review for 5 stars and the second company had 30 reviews averaging 5 stars. Which company would you trust? Again I bet that you would choose company number 2. As you can see having not having a reputation can be just as bad as having a bad reputation.

To get started in reputation marketing, you need to implement the following four strategies to ensure your success.

First you need to develop a strategy to get a four to five star reputation online with at least 10 reviews from real customers. The first step of this process is to set up company profile on business directories that publish reviews like Google+, Yelp, and other directories that are specific for you industry. You then need system to help you promote getting reviews from your customers so that you can tap into the pool of customers that are enthralled with your products and services. You also need to set up a system that monitors your online reviews to ensure your customers are still posting positive reviews and give you the opportunity to respond to negative reviews.

Getting positive reviews are great but if you do not capitalize on them, you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity. You can add these glowing reviews to your website, marketing materials, press releases, post them in your business, use them during sales presentations or in any marketing strategy that you can dream up of.

Another important aspect is a training system that is dedicated to helping your employees see the importance of good reviews plus how they can help ensure you continue to receive five star reviews. All of the hard work promoting your company’s good name will be wasted if your employees do not provide superior customer service and help promote soliciting good reviews from your customers. Reputation marketing training will ensure that all of your employees are in line with your goals and will guarantee that you achieve them.

In this very transparent society, it is becoming more important to monitor and manage your reputation on the Internet. Even though this type of strategy will cost you some time and money, you will find the benefits of marketing a stellar reputation will far exceed the costs. People trust companies with numerous positive reviews. Research has shown that it is almost as good as word of mouth advertising which is the best kind of marketing a company can use.

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