Your Personal Brand Identity – Writing and Publishing Your Own Book

The quickest, easiest way to establish your own personal brand identity is by writing a book and having it published! Becoming an author isn’t just for fiction writers of sci-fi or romance. You too, can write your own book, a non-fiction book, in order to propel your career or expand your business, and hence establish your personal brand identity quickly.

You too, can stand out in your career or your business, when part of your branding strategy is writing and publishing your own book. This personal brand identity strategy isn’t just for the gurus or the motivational speakers. This strategy could well be the most useful personal brand strategy for propelling you into the stream of opportunities that are ready to come your way.

Writing your own book can establish your personal brand identity rapidly.

This personal brand strategy can be most useful for career women who want to transition to higher levels, who want to be head-hunted for further opportunities, or who want to change the focus of their career specialty.

It could be the strategy for women in their own business to stake their competitive advantage and show clients and prospective clients why they should be dealing with them.

The concern for most women when confronted with the possibility of writing their own book, is that they do not know what they would write about. What topic would prospective clients be interested in? Or. Who would want to read what I write? Or. I don’t have the necessary skills, knowledge or experience to research what to do, where to go to find out about this topic, or how would I commence?

The thing is, the very fact that women have held onto high powered career positions for years, have been running their own business for years, have dealt with clients, staff, colleagues and other business professionals, automatically qualifies you for the position of writer of your own published book.

The very fact that you have been successfully pursuing these activities for years means that you have established your personal brand identity. You have established the values by which you are assessed on a daily basis, values such as: work ethic, responsibility, loyalty, commitment to excellence and so on.

Writing your own book will further establish your value and enhance your personal brand identity. The values you aspire to, that of expert and of excellence, will be further enhanced.

In order to complete this strategy successfully, you must clearly establish your ‘why’. Why do you want to write a book? How will it enhance your career or business? This comes before ‘what will I write about?’

This personal brand identity strategy needs to be part of your overall brand strategy management. It needs to form part of your career or business goals as a way to move forward.

Here are some ideas as to why you might want to write a book:

• You want to be able to attract more high- income profile clients.
• You want to be recognised instantly as an authority on a subject.
• You want more publicity in order to sell more products.
• You want to stand out from the crowd, instant recognition.
• You want to change careers or transition to a new or different business.

Writing and publishing your own book is a personal brand identity strategy that is a level playing field option. Anyone can do it. It is not a closed option only for big business or for persons who already are perceived as experts in the market place. It’s a choice that may be worth pursuing.

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